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Thanks for dialing up THE BUTTPOD.  Please enjoy this seemingly insignificant, yet globally important show.  If you have any notes for the podcast, or want to contribute a bit of info to our "MORE SMARTER" segment, email us at

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Nov 8, 2022

Brent welcomes screenwriter and novelist Meredith Hambrock to the Gameroom Studio (but, like...remotely...not in person) for this fun and funny chat. A swirling variety of topics are discussed, from the structure of a story to the secret underground tunnel that connects Scotland's Loch Ness to Canada's Lake Okanagan....

Oct 11, 2022

After a ridiculously long hiatus, here's a fun and funny way to kick off the 2nd Season of The Buttpod! Brent sits down with TV legend TOM BERGERON to talk old showbiz, new showbiz, no showbiz, and the joys of bombing at The Emmys! 

Jan 24, 2019

Brent invites comedian, writer, and multi-pod podcaster ALICIA TOBIN to the Gameroom Studio, high atop Sparrow Media Towers, to discuss superstitions, extreme weather, "Hank The Shape", her new podcast and projects, and the hilarious joys of chronic pain!

Dec 19, 2018

Brent Butt plops himself across the table from a super interesting and creative dude, by the name of Paul Bae.  Paul is a former stand-up comedian, who pretty much left the game to pursue audio drama, and his podcast projects have garnered huge international success, and are being developed for television.  Funny,...

Dec 5, 2018

After another healthy (long) hiatus (busy with production on Corner Gas Animated Season 2) Brent Butt returns to The Buttpod, and sits down with his very special guest, and old friend, Kevin McDonald, to discuss The Kids in The Hall, Canadian vs US comedy, first forays into showbiz, and the secret ability of cows......